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Sport and mindfulness

By Nicole Jacobsen

Life these days can be fast paced, and when it comes to sport (or perhaps life in general), many of us are pushing ourselves to the limit and when we’ve put so much of ourselves into something, there is nothing more devastating than being slowed down or sidelined by injury. What if in the whirlwind of life we took some time to sit in the stillness and listened to what it was our body actually needed? In today’s blog I invite you to reflect on how things are for you and what it would be like to plug into the app #mybodyknows

Are you one of those people trying to deliver high performance to your job, your family and your sport? Or perhaps you’re introducing an activity and you’re struggling to get things ‘exactly right’. In today’s world we are bombarded with information, have access to thousands of different resources and are often getting advised from the well-meaning people around us. In this blur of activity and expectation, many of us have forgotten to listen to our own bodies and our own wisdom, where a wealth of information awaits, ready to lead us to greater health and well-being.

Instead of listening to this we find ourselves weighed down by the weight of expectations and the belief that, ‘The more we do, the better the results’, we find ourselves in this pressure cooker of striving to be better or to simply be enough. Through focusing on the goals and trying to do, ‘what’s right’, we lose touch with ourselves and our focus moves further away from what our bodies truly need. In the midst of pushing ourselves to the edge and trying to do things ‘the way things are meant to be’, it is often our bodies that suffer the most.

What would happen if you took a step back and actually started to listen to what your body truly needed. Perhaps that one day of rest, easing back a bit, swapping the nightly run for a night of comedy could actually create better long term results. Creating space for rest and rejuvenation allows us to tune in and see what it is we truly need in this moment. It allows us space to see what is going on in our body, to listen to that quiet whisper before it becomes a scream. Maybe more sleep, more fun, better nutrition, more rest days…….or sometimes the body does want more, it encourages us to take those steps outside our comfort zone, to try something different……..telling you it is there to support you. Whatever it is, the answers are there waiting for you.

I invite you to take a few moments now to listen to your body. Close your eyes, take some nice slow and relaxing deep breaths and simply ask yourself, ‘What does my body need in this moment”, “What is it that will truly enhance my sport’s performance’. Find a question that works for you and make this ‘check in’ time a regular part of your routine!

As humans we often over complicate things. We follow the latest research, buy the top of the market products and use the best aps we can find. Whilst there is no doubt these can be valuable, we have to make sure we don’t lose connection with that inner compass, the one that is trying to speak to us through all of the noise of the modern day life.

Our bodies are amazing! They allow us to do so many wonderful things. They support us in good times and when they are unhappy they speak to us too and the least we can do is take the time to stop and listen. The answer just might change your life and your sporting performance for the better.

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