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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage involves the assessment and treatment of dysfunctional muscles, tendons and ligaments. It works to decrease pain using a variety of techniques, working with a treatment plan both client and therapist agree upon. Treatment can be for painful conditions that are acute (recent onset) or chronic (longer term).

You’ll receive a detailed consultation to determine the problem, followed by an open discussion and explanation of treatment options. The massage itself may be quite firm and will likely involve “trigger point” therapy, which are certain tender spots in your muscles (areas of increased metabolic waste). Trigger point therapy helps your muscles to stop contracting and start to relax. Mobilisations or joint movements, sports techniques and stretches are all often used in a remedial treatment. While some people think there’s a ‘no pain, no gain’ rule with remedial massage, this isn’t the case! Using too much pressure can damage muscle tissue and create bruising – a big no-no. Your Prana massage therapist will check frequently to ensure you’re comfortable with the pressure being used, so we’re working with your body, not against it.

While some people feel a little tender the day after (or second day after) a remedial massage, others wake up the next day feeling amazing and pain free! We are all different and our reactions to treatments will also be different. Important things to do after an intense remedial massage include:

  • Taking it easy - go home and relax
  • Drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your body
  • Get an early night so you'll wake up refreshed

Your Prana therapist is always available for post-treatment chats if you have any questions.

  • “I did my first marathon last year and Mya provided excellent remedial as part of the prehab/rehab program. Highly recommend for any person into their sports! ”
  • “Mya gives the absolute best massages. They are the perfect combination of firm and relaxing. I would recommend her to anyone with an injury, a few sore spots or just for a lovely relaxing treat ”
  • “Mya is a professional therapist who takes the time to listen to clients concerns and needs, and then tailor their treatment to suit. I would recommend her services to anybody wanting a friendly and professional massage ”
  • “After that massage I felt like I'd actually grown taller. Had to readjust the rear view mirror before I drove home! ”