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Oncology Massage

Living with cancer is one of the most physically and emotionally draining experiences we can go through as human beings. In the past, there was some confusion around “massage” and “cancer”. Today, we have research and anecdotal evidence to support that massage is safe for clients who are living with cancer, provided the massage is conducted by a therapist who has been properly trained in this field. Oncology Massage ensures that the massage is adapted to meet the needs of the client, whether the client is in remission or is receiving palliative care.

Your Prana therapist will ask you specific and detailed questions about your current and past oncology treatment, how you are currently feeling and ensure that the appropriate medical staff have given the green light before commencing your massage therapy.

This specialised type of massage can help alleviate symptoms of the disease as well as manage side-effects from cancer treatment. Physical benefits include reduced pain, fatigue, nausea and oedema (swelling), as well as helping with sleep quality and quantity. Oncology massage can have a positive effect on the emotions by reducing anxiety and depression that are commonly experienced during this time.

Oncology massage is a very gentle and nurturing type of massage, which has increasing amounts of evidence to back its effectiveness. If required, your Prana massage therapist can come to you, if travel isn’t possible. Wherever you are, you’ll be in good hands.

  • “I did my first marathon last year and Mya provided excellent remedial as part of the prehab/rehab program. Highly recommend for any person into their sports! ”
  • “Mya gives the absolute best massages. They are the perfect combination of firm and relaxing. I would recommend her to anyone with an injury, a few sore spots or just for a lovely relaxing treat ”
  • “Mya is a professional therapist who takes the time to listen to clients concerns and needs, and then tailor their treatment to suit. I would recommend her services to anybody wanting a friendly and professional massage ”
  • “After that massage I felt like I'd actually grown taller. Had to readjust the rear view mirror before I drove home! ”