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Creating your ideal life

It’s that time of year where many of us have said our goodbyes to the previous year, and are designing goals and resolutions for the new decade (it’s totally a new decade – I KNOW). What’s on your list for 2020? How many goals do you have on that list, and how attainable are they? I’ll bet there’s a couple written down which will highlight the need for better self-care. Or just any kind of self-care. Many of us have a bit of time now to stop and think….what worked for me this year? Am I exhausted and in need of several months off, as opposed to a couple of weeks?

What can remedial massage do for you?

Hi folks!

George from Prana Therapies, and this month is all about remedial massage. As we all know, relaxation massages are great, allowing the body to relax and the mind to journey through time and space…or just fall asleep.

Are you suffering from aches and pains throughout your body, or do your muscles feel tight? Headaches, back pain, sciatic pain, or sporting injuries? Have you considered having a remedial massage? Remedial massage has been shown to be effective in treating all of these symptoms.

The 7 warning signs of cancer

By Mya Stevens

I just heard a Christmas Carol being played. Are you serious? AND there’s Christmas confectionery for sale….IT’S SEPTEMBER?! After just getting used to writing ‘2019’, it looks as if my brain will soon need to adjust to ‘2020’. That really does sound like we should be flying space ships to work. I know that it’s a tired axiom but where is this year going, and how is it going so fast?

Moving on

By Mya Stevens

Its 7:50pm and my amazingly kind and wonderful assistant has just said goodbye and goodnight. She’s just helped me to squeeze two van’s worth of household items in to one van, like a crazy game of packing-tetris. Lawnmowers, office chairs, boxes of cushions, fake plants and fertiliser all pieced together perfectly, and completely randomly, like a typical Aldi shopping isle.