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What does indulgence mean to you?

By Therese Poon

What do we mean by indulgence? In a negative connotation it is often seen as; excessive, too much, overdoing it… But it can also be seen in a positive light, like; to go that extra mile, going above and beyond and offering extra ‘[fill in the blank of your choosing here]’.

At Prana Therapies, we like to be cautious around the negatives, and focus on the positives as much as we can. So… Yay for indulgence if you ask me!  It’s all about picking and choosing your indulgence. For example, the classic Christmas indulgences are around excessive food consumption, overspending and possibility a little too much wine at the work Christmas party.

But what is too often overlooked is the indulgent moments of giving. We’re often buying presents or giving away to charities around Christmas, more than we would normally.  We’re also sharing our spaces, our meals but also our time and attention with family, friends and loved ones that we normally wouldn’t have the time to see during a regular work week. And finally, of offering extra! Extra care, attention, support, compassion, kindness and advice. The latter can sometimes sway from a positive to a negative depending on the situation. But let’s just assume it’s humble, helpful and caring advice offered by those you love and trust ;)

The rest of the year, we’re obviously still kind when we can be… and it’s been a tough year for us all. We’ve never needed kindness to ourselves and others more than we do this year. So before we get too frenzied with ‘being allowed to go out again!’ and organizing all the catch ups, gatherings, xmas parties and family get togethers, xmas shopping for gifts, preparations for our feasts and maybe even our trips away… Lets take a minute and think about what indulgence we’d like to invest in, and what doesn’t need to be indulged in quite so much.

So before the NY resolutions are even considered… What do you want to indulge less in this festive season?

  • Is it drinking a few less beers at the xmas BBQ?
  • Eating smaller portions of all the yummy festive foods?
  • Buying a few less trinkets and gifts that might be surplus to need in the end?

And then focus on:

What do you want to indulge more in?

  • Indulge in gifting, especially for those in need?
  • Indulge in gatherings and giving of your time, especially to those you may not have had the time or opportunity to see much during 2020?
  • Indulging in nature, especially when being so far removed from it during lockdown… taking the time to be outside, to be amongst the trees, or the ocean or the lakes and just to see the sky more often… The wonder of nature… it’s valuable, affordable and a necessary indulgence!
  • Indulging in family; it’s never been clearer just how important it is to be with family, to support our family and to care for our families, whatever they look like or consist of. A global pandemic has at least offered us the opportunity to really appreciate when we can connect more with those we love.

At Prana Therapies, we want you to indulge without restraint! Choose your indulgences wisely and love every moment of it this Christmas season.

If you’re indulging in care, love, health and support for yourself or you family this Christmas, remember we’re here for you and open throughout the holiday season. If you’re thinking of giving the gift of health this season, we have beautiful hand made products, packages and gift vouchers available now!

Happy holidays everyone. And happy indulging x