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Self-care on planet bonkers

Self-care has taken a serious turn. Previously, if we were feeling coldy or fluey, we’d pop a pill, knock back an espresso or five, stuff some tissues up our nose and soldier on. Recovering from various maladies are what weekends are for – you’ve just got to suck it up and keep going until you can collapse into a snotty heap. Customers need us, we need to deliver, plus the world will explode and die if this report doesn’t get done on time.  

5 Foods to boost your immunity

Immunity is such an important issue right now. In light of the current COVID19 situation, along with countless other nasties going around, we thought it was a great topic to focus on this month. On our Prana Calm Farm Facebook page, I have been posting about immune-boosting foods and ways how to include them in your diet. Right now I thought I’d write about vitamin C, or more specifically, vitamin C supplements. It’s a question I'm often asked by clients, so thought it was worth sharing.

Creating your ideal life

It’s that time of year where many of us have said our goodbyes to the previous year, and are designing goals and resolutions for the new decade (it’s totally a new decade – I KNOW). What’s on your list for 2020? How many goals do you have on that list, and how attainable are they? I’ll bet there’s a couple written down which will highlight the need for better self-care. Or just any kind of self-care. Many of us have a bit of time now to stop and think….what worked for me this year? Am I exhausted and in need of several months off, as opposed to a couple of weeks?

What can remedial massage do for you?

Hi folks!

George from Prana Therapies, and this month is all about remedial massage. As we all know, relaxation massages are great, allowing the body to relax and the mind to journey through time and space…or just fall asleep.

Are you suffering from aches and pains throughout your body, or do your muscles feel tight? Headaches, back pain, sciatic pain, or sporting injuries? Have you considered having a remedial massage? Remedial massage has been shown to be effective in treating all of these symptoms.