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About Us

Mya Stevens - Director & Remedial Massage Therapist

Prana Therapies was founded by Mya Stevens. Mya has been a remedial massage therapist and lecturer since 2012, and throughout the years has been building and refining her skills in the art of oncology, sports, rehabilitation, pregnancy and wellness massage.

"Hi there, I'm Mya. I'm passionate about the massage industry and providing the best professional massage treatment for you. I have been a Remedial Massage Therapist and massage teacher for over nine years, helping my students to be prepared for this amazing and rewarding profession. Although my background is Psychology, I was usually the one asked to work on the knots in my friends' backs!

One weekend I enrolled in an introductory massage course and that was it, I was hooked. I work to improve quality of life for my clients, and help them heal from injuries".

Prana is focused on you, our amazing client. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to our clients, and to understand what you need as an individual.

Prana will work with you to reach your goals and priorities – whether that be pain management or stress reduction – so that you can get out there and live  your life to the fullest. Because our sole concern is our clients, we’ll be completely transparent about your treatment options. If you require more work, we will discuss this with you confidentially and agree on an action plan. If you’re good to get back out there, we won’t persuade you to sign up for endless treatments just to pay our mortgage!


Therese Poon - Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine

With a family background in Chinese Medicine (CM) Therese Poon has been raised to be familiar with philosophies of Daoism, Buddhism and spiritual development. Her father, Warwick Poon, has run a busy Melbourne based CM Clinic for more than 30 years and from 8 years of age Therese developed an interest in CM whilst spending time there.

In 2005 she graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine, specialising in Acupuncture. Soon after graduation, Therese moved to Beijing, China to continue her studies on a one-to-one basis with Professor Zhang ShiXiong, a renowned Doctor of Chinese Medicine at  the Beijing MeiTan General Hospital. She also took the opportunity to learn from several other CM doctors during her twelve month stay. In 2007 Therese began a three-year apprenticeship with CM Doctor and Qigong Master, Dr. Bisong Guo.

Travelling extensively throughout Australia, China, and Europe she studied the arts of Internal Alchemy, Medical Qigong, Chinese Tea Ceremony and Daoist Well-being. For over 10 years Therese was based in Scotland near the long standing Eco-Community the Findhorn Foundation. With the endorsement of her Qigong teacher, Therese is has been teaching introductory levels of medical Qigong by way of weekly classes, weekend workshops, residential retreats and individualized private lessons. In addition to this, Therese offered acupuncture treatments in Forres and Inverness and taught Chinese tea ceremonies throughout the UK.

Since October 2018 Therese has moved home to Melbourne, Australia and offers Acupuncture, Cupping, Meridian Massage and Qigong tuition. She has also continued her studies doing a part time Postgraduate Oncology Acupuncture Training Program at Mater Hospital, North Sydney with Associate Prof Byeong Oh, learning about integrative oncology research and how to support patients during their ongoing cancer care.




Chloe Blight - Remedial Massage Therapist Chloe

Chloe is passionate about helping others and started her remedial massage diploma studies in 2017, at Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy, and has since worked as a football trainer and a remedial massage therapist in a busy clinic in Melbourne’s CBD.

Chloe is a proud member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia and has also gone on to do further studies to obtain a certificate in pregnancy massage. Chloe hopes to eventually further her studies and become a Myotherapist and Pilates instructor.

Chloe’s specialities include trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, pre and post pregnancy treatments, cupping, hot stone therapy, myofascial release and stretching. Chloe tailors each session to meet the needs and the goals of each individual. Chloe enjoys seeing the progression of her clients from their initial consultation, through their subsequent visits to a place where the client experiences optimum health and wellbeing.

In her free time Chloe enjoys running, weight training, walking her very active Siberian husky, cooking, spending time outdoors and keeping up to date with health and fitness research.




Nicola Hacon – DieticianNicola

Three of Nicola’s main interests (and loves!) are food, people and health, so working as dietitian is essentially her dream job.  Nicola is a kind, thoughtful, and open-minded dietitian, who doesn’t believe that “one size fits all” approach works.

Instead she will work closely with you to find a personally tailored approach to your nutrition that takes into consideration your age, gender, your overall health, exercise levels, current diet, and dietary preferences.  

Nicola has a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Nutrition, and a Master of Dietetics, both from the University of Otago, New Zealand.

Nicola has worked in a range of clinical areas, including, but not limited to, weight management, diabetes, malnutrition, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and pregnancy nutrition.  Having recently moved to Melbourne from Christchurch, New Zealand, Nicola is excited about being a part of the amazing Prana team.





  • “I did my first marathon last year and Mya provided excellent remedial as part of the prehab/rehab program. Highly recommend for any person into their sports! ”
  • “Mya gives the absolute best massages. They are the perfect combination of firm and relaxing. I would recommend her to anyone with an injury, a few sore spots or just for a lovely relaxing treat ”
  • “Mya is a professional therapist who takes the time to listen to clients concerns and needs, and then tailor their treatment to suit. I would recommend her services to anybody wanting a friendly and professional massage ”
  • “After that massage I felt like I'd actually grown taller. Had to readjust the rear view mirror before I drove home! ”